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The UniFi Controller Management Interface enables the management of UniFi devices and the display of network statistics. The installation effort is minimal and quickly completed.

At the weekend I had to move a NodeBB forum. It's actually quite simple, as only the database and the NodeBB directory need to be copied. Actually.

In this article, I described and updated again how important directories are placed externally in TrueNAS or FreeBSD in order to store data independently of the jail. So I can refer to it again and again in other articles.

This website uses as CMS. What is unfortunately missing is a version management system, as has long been available with Wordpress. It would be nice if the Markdown files from Grav could also end up in Git and vice versa!

Done, the website was also translated into English as part of the updates.

The Gitea article series has been updated.

The Vaultwarden article series has been fundamentally restructured and updated.

Update of the article TrueNAS on pCloud automatic and encrypted backup".
Details have been adjusted and a video for the rclone Webgui has been added as a quick walkthrough.

If the ACME plugin in OPNsense renews the certificates every 90 days, all services based on these certificates (HAProxy) will need a restart. In this case it is very advantageous that the "automation" can be done directly with the certificate renewal.

Certain directories within a jail can be swapped out to (datasets) "outside". This means that this data is stored independently of the jail. The goal is, similar to Docker, to be as little dependent as possible on the jail itself.