This server serves us as an information or exchange platform for all people who want to deal constructively and creatively with the topics FreeBSD, LINUX, IT security and general network topics and exchange. In addition, we have a big heart for retro topics.
In the Blog we write loosely about such topics.

The BSDBox is my IT playground. Professional services around network, server and structure building I offer with my company computing-competence. If you find this content valuable and useful, I welcome feedback via matrix, email or follow me on Mastodon.

Primary service of this server is Matrix Chat Protocol, which is an open communication protocol for real-time communication. It is designed to allow chat, IP telephony and video telephony to be used independently of a specific ISP. Matrix not only offers 1:1 communication, but is also designed to organize itself into rooms (similar to Discord). More information can be found here. The login to our Matrix server can be found here, please note the terms and conditions for an account here, which can be requested via email.

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Countless times various articles or blog posts have helped me out, so it's time to give something back.


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FreeBSD / TrueNAS article
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